Please Join Us In Supporting


for Dixie School Board

Endorsed by the Marin IJ

"...Honsberger’s knowledge and experience is an important asset in the board deliberations. He should be retained."

Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools

Jared Huffman, U.S. Congressman

Damon Connolly, Marin County Supervisor

Gary Phillips, Mayor, City of San Rafael

Thomas J. Lohwasser, former Superintendent of the Dixie School District

Robin Gerrity, former Executive Director of the Can Do! Education Foundation

Alissa Chacko, Vice-President, Dixie School Board

Natu Tuatagaloa, Trustee San Rafael City School Board

Rachel Kertz, Trustee San Rafael City School Board

Greg Knell, President of the San Rafael City School Board

Keli Honsberger

Maureen Gomes

Jackie Dagenais

Katie Eves

Andie Ortiz

Stephanie and Jarrod Note

Christine Maguire

Andie Carvalho

Noel Kosiek

Heather Piper

Olga Panfilova

Marilyn Nemzer, member Marin County Board of Education

Julie and Greg Hingsbergen

Christina Blouin

Emma and Richard Blatcher

Marci and Scott Bissey

Jennifer Belair

Mike and Mona Moaveni

Gary Norman and Michelle Kipper

Marc Woo

Erica Providenza and Matthew Fahrner

David and Mary Rosenthal

Karin Conn

Rachel and Todd Stengel

Patti and Todd Bender

Marci Ryan

Kim Schulist

Christine Puccini

Jo McDonough

Julie McDaniel

Amy Marsh