Many people have asked how they can help with my campaign so here are a few things you can do.  


Speak to your friends and neighbors within the community. 

There are 7677 households (13,785 registered voters) in the Dixie School District which includes Los Ranchitos, Terra Linda, Mont Marin, Marinwood/ Lucas Valley and East Terra Linda.  Out of the 7677 households, only about 1400 are families with children in our schools.  So reaching out to neighbors that may not have children in our District is really important!   


The Dixie School Board serves a vital role within our District boundaries.  It helps strengthen our schools which in turn strengthens our community.  Just ask any local realtor. 

Follow us on Social Media and share with your friends. 

I'm not very big on the platform but I realize its importance in connecting with each other.  My campaign manager (otherwise known as my wife, Keli) will keep the feed updated as needed.   


Please complete the contact form on my website and I'll add you to our growing list.  Please feel free to share my website link with your friends.  

Request a campaign sign.

Fill out the contact form and request one in the comments section.   We have limited inventory so if you'd like one, please let us know asap.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  


Brad Honsberger